Officially .. EA games are coming to Steam again!

Officially .. EA games !
 EA games

EA today announced its official collaboration with the Steam platform. EA games will return to the platform after an absence.
It started with a Twitter account of EA tweeting a hot cup of steam in the first indicator or Teaser of their partnership with the Steam platform ,
In fact, it was very understandable as the players learned from that tweet that the decision came into effect

EA games

Today, EA has announced an official tweet announcing its cooperation with the Steam platform and therefore the return of its games on the platform after its absence due to the EA Access platform, but this does not mean that the service will be stopped, but we can say that it is just an expansion of the company on other platforms, a decision that will benefit the two companies. EA wants to spread its games around to increase sales and for Steam it could be a painful blow to its arch-rival Epic Store.

EA games

This partnership begins with the "Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order" , which will be released on November 15
Steam pre-order is now open and "Sims 4" and "Unravel 2" will join the platform in the coming months with promises of the arrival of "Battlefield V", "FIFA 20" and "Apex Legends" next year.

On the other hand, EA Access for Steam will also come and players will have the same features: access to all the company's big games,They will also get the advantage of playing new games early with exclusive discounts.

EA is looking for the huge success that a game like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order deserves by spreading across other platforms. Will it succeed in its quest? !!


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