The upcoming release of Death Stranding has finally been released

 Death Stranding
 Death Stranding

Kojima announced yesterday the date of the latest launch, which he himself designed for "Death Stranding" without any external studio intervention, and today we are finally seeing the upcoming show!

Death Stranding was first announced at E3 2016 three years ago, and its first show ignited all Sony conference attendees,Since then, the performances began to flock to us and statements about the game and with it began analyzes of what the game ?!

Today, during the Paris Games Week event, the final show has been released; the final launch of the game, which is considered a big show, with a duration of approximately eight minutes, and included within the movie scenes that we have not seen before as well as revealed more style of play and fighting within Death Stranding has also become apparent during the last show.

As we see the show starts with the character "Cliff" performed by the actor “Mads Mikkelson” but we see him in his normal form, and as I said earlier; I feel that the character is basically not evil; He will free him one day and make him explore the world and travel all over to the moon! And then he starts singing his lullaby

The show included that scene but added to it our vision of Cliff as he sneaks into a facility and is already trying to free the child BB. He faces the security system, but it seems that I feel that event before the crisis or disaster that led the world to split in Death Stranding !

The Death Stranding release also featured scenes of other characters like Higgs, his fight with Sam, and Cliff's fight with Sam. In the name of "Amerigo Vespucci", the man who discovered the American continent, Sam told her that he thought "Christopher Columbus" had discovered it! You tell him that Amerigo was full of lies and that America is just a lie.

I also found out that "Fragile" has supernatural powers; it seems to have the ability to move people to the places they imagine, when she made Sam close his eyes and imagine Emily on the beach!

Overall, we are waiting for Death Stranding, which will be released as a temporary exclusive on the PS4 on November 8, and then on the PC in the summer of 2020.


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