The Witcher series will be even more terrifying

The Witcher
The Witcher 

No longer separates us on the availability of episodes of the The Witcher series
Expected over Netflix network, which will be on the 20th of December next, as the series draws closer to the network, the director of the visual effects of the series will come out to reveal the nature of the series and what will be presented by the fantasy "Fantasia" that we are familiar with this exciting world.

"Julian Barry" said in a magazine interview that "The Witcher" will offer a more intimidating and horrifying experience than the fantasies the readers expect,During his meeting, Julian used the example of the "Striga" monsters, the women who were cursed and turned into monsters, and hinted that they had embodied him in a way that would make them a model for the dramatic embodiment of horror and that it was no longer just a fantasy / fantasy.

The Witcher

This is why you will have to hide most of the series behind the couch because of the series contains some frightening and deadly monsters, it is a bit like Buffy and Supernatural series and the latter seems more suitable for our series, as both the brothers "Winchester" and "Gert" the hero of the series win Make them through hunting monsters.


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