Why did we fear Death Stranding from failure and how did you overcome it?

Death Stranding
Death Stranding

We waited for the game Death Stranding on the hottest of embers for several reasons first of all is that its developer is the genius Hideo Kojima known for his unique ideas and incomprehensible in the games and the second reason is the huge and mysterious propaganda campaign that made us confused about the significance of the game or its story and therefore we waited with great anticipation ,

After the release of opinions on the game varied between the positive and negative and the game tired many critics in reviewing it as it is in a neutral stage now between success and failure,
So we show you the reasons why we thought that the game is likely to fail before release and how did you overcome it? What are the negative elements that still exist?

Death Stranding

Signs of failure appeared when playing style!

It is no secret that Hideo Kojima has come out to say that his next game will be different from anything he has developed before and will carry a completely new kind of games called "the Strand" style, which we did not understand its meaning then, but all that was on our minds is that There is a new game and therefore the enthusiasm for the most intense, to be playing a heavy style during the events of "Tokyo Game Show 2019 " and here came to us the first doubts and signs of our sense that the game may fail and do not achieve the desired at all and we needed this sensation until the release date where the style of play was not The display is absolutely impressive.

Death Stranding

New type of games = big risk!

What counts for a developer like Kojima and makes us raise his hat is to take a huge risk that could have led to the closure of his studio Kojima Productions We do not see any game developer now offers IP or a new idea as much as exploits the existence of a series of games in his account to start the process With the addition of some minor changes to achieve the desired physical results due to the lack of any developer to take a new IP step for several reasons first of all is that the development phase will take a huge time where the infrastructure of the game will be built from scratch without a supporting engine which will require huge capital of course besides the fear that the game Will not achieve the desired result and therefore x All other fatal.

Death Stranding

Of course, it is known that any new game is exposed to many problems at the beginning and may not succeed as required in particular and that we are dealing with a different type and unfamiliar and thus increased the reasons for the failure of death Stranding before it even issued !!

Empty World !!

Death Stranding

When playing the TGS 2019 gameplay, we were surprised that the world of Death Stranding is an empty world of almost everything with very few elements away from its design, We get an explicit answer

Delivery Orders ??
 Is this really the point of the game?

This was not the last shock, but was followed by a larger one when we learned that the game would be a simulation game for a postman or deliveryman whose main concern would be to deliver orders from point A to B !! So what does Kojima want from us? No one responded, but that was not at all and we did not expect for a moment to be our main task, add the element of the empty world to become the game like any game Walking Simulator you may see anywhere normal but graphics, engine and design of course

Death Stranding

Not For Everyone!

We have drawn from the previous elements only one result is that Death Stranding will not be the game that will break the records or admire everyone will be enjoyed by a segment or category of players are those who may be patient on a game and love to roam in the unknown and explore a huge map that does not contain anything Of course, you won't like those who want a quick game and an uninterrupted action genre

An incomprehensible story as usual Kojima!

One of the reasons we expected Death Stranding to fail was simply not to understand the story, or to say that the story was not made clear. All we saw was just a mix of babies, jelly-shaped things floating on a beach,
Characters played by well-known actors and hero "Sam Bridges" we do not know anything about him from his past or his work and so on. Undoubtedly one of the secondary elements was helpful
Things are like this until we got our initial version of the game and from here we saw how the game has changed our perspective and will not say comprehensively but in a way that made us reassured on its fate a bit

Death Stranding

Out of the box !

When I review a game, I have to take into account some important factors, the first of which is the circumstances surrounding the development,Duration, the extent of the risk for which it has a creative idea that may be out of the box or not, and then we start reviewing the elements of the game one by one from story to style of play to graphics and so to the end
The reason for the genius of Kojima and why we like the game and overcome most of the points that we feared that the idea of ​​the game is a precedent of its kind and even outside the framework of the box completely it is a pure new type is not present in any other game or from another developer and in the new types of games we must Be patient a little and do not rush to rule so as not to oppress an idea that may be revolutionary

As for Death Stranding, I am still shocked at how Kojima uses things that we may see as normal and even uses them in our daily lives to turn them into pivotal things that can be used for something else completely. You use it to get something from your house, for you it is just a normal ladder, but what you felt was that Kojima saw another ladder in Beijing, so you can use it in the game as a bridge or for climbing rugged mountains, for example.

Death Stranding

The idea is unprecedented!
Even the idea of ​​the game itself as a courier works to restore links between humans in the story or the development of the Internet when we look at it from the other side we see it as a crazy idea Who is this developer who may think of developing a game like that with a primitive idea such as delivery? But the way to implement the idea and link it to a story will make you excited to know its secrets and cinematic scenes not only an excellent output has made the idea of ​​delivery acceptable to some without feeling bored, for example, as if you will feel the game whenever you feel bored to offer you something new be it a scene, a tool or a special task Thus the attraction continues in a game that is expected to make many bored if not implemented properly and appropriately

Death Stranding

Easy refrain and simplicity is the solution !!

If you look at the elements of Death Stranding, we will find that it is primitive and simple, that is, the game is developed with the simplest ideas and possibilities unlike other games immersed in the details of the dense you can not get out of it and filled with many elements may not have value, but our game where there are only mountains, plateaus and rugged land Very familiar and inexpensive tools like rope and ladder. Despite all this, Kojima was able to build a game of those simple elements only in a form you will find it easy but it cost him a lot of time and thinking and was not easy at all

Death Stranding

Great risk!

Among the points we had in mind was the risk taken by the developer, especially under difficult circumstances suffered by Kojima Productions but bear the consequences and issued a game I do not see it so bad for the first game of its kind
And it has huge drawbacks!

Death Stranding

But there are still many negatives that could have been overtaken, which indicated Kojima's inexperience in developing open world games,
It was possible to overcome the idea of ​​the world brutal presence of animals even or some of the NPCs with some villages or small cities only to domesticate the brutality of the world only, and it was possible to add activities for example and side missions atypical and repetitive and thus eliminate the boredom Quite a lot of players who dislike this type of game where progress is so slow.

One last point is the first hours of play, which the developer was able to reduce after the worthless things in order to speed up the gameplay in general as the game starts in earnest after spending eight hours of the number of hours of the original game, a huge number does not expect to reach all players Absolutely

Death Stranding

In general, as we mentioned at the beginning, Death Stranding is a game that has succeeded in some and failed in others or we may not say that it did not live up to the levels of Kojima games typical of some, but for us we took into account all the elements mentioned and we have the budget required to come up with that result


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